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Big blue sky and a small red bike

January 16, 2011

Oh joy ,oh bliss! The  sky is blue after a wet and muggy week that we would all be bitching and moaning about except that we are just grateful that we are not flood affected like all those poor soggy, muddy folk up north.

Seems the small wheeled bike convention is over and the bikes are back in town. Spotted this one  outside the Fitzroy pool (perfect day for a swim) – it wins a prize for the most purdiest basket, not to mention the complementary matt white stack hat. This girl sure has style – bicycle chic style.

It’s another Lawrencia. And guess what?  For the bike trivialists out there: (though I suspect I may be the only one) Lawrencias were made in Malvern, right here in Melbourne. (I note the badge says Lawrence, so maybe Lawrencia is the women’s bike version) That’s the second made-in-Melbourne little bike I have discovered (see recent post: Home-grown mint-condition hand-me-down).

And another provenance tid-bit for anyone who cares: I recently discovered that Phillips is a Dutch Bike company that was making bikes as far back as the forties.My reference is a gorgeous little book on vintage bikes I bought about 10 years ago that show cases bikes from the Galbiati Museum, a bike museum in Italy…you should drop in there if you are in the neighbourhood – they have a magnificant collection from what I can tell by this book.

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  1. Elin permalink

    Thanks for writing about my bike, what a lovely blog! Awesome to see someone collecting all the little bikes on one site, I often think of taking photos when I see cool bikes around but I never do..
    Lawrencia is also from the bike shed in the CERES park! I got help from the lovely volunteer guys to fix her up and after a few sessions I could take her home. She still needs a bit of work, but that’s what makes it fun I guess; a never-ending project.. 🙂
    Cheers, elin

    • Hoorah! Thanks for writing back. I am glad you like the blog – I am most tickled when people write back, knowing that they know that I know that their bike is Special with a capital S.
      What great work you have done on Lawrencia. I noticed the chrome on the handle bars is worn on one side only – it must have been stored half in and half out of the weather before it came to you,

      Love that basket – where did you find it I wonder?

  2. Elin permalink

    Ha ha, I thought you might have seen the half rusted handlebars 🙂 No, I have to admit that it is due to my laziness… It used to be all rusty but I did some work using Coke and steel wool, it worked really well all over the bike but it was hard work and I still have to finish it 🙂 The bike basket is also a work in progress, I basket weaved plastic ribbon on a regular metal basket, but it still needs some work too. Better have a bike fix-up day soon! Cheers/ elin

  3. Laziness? Au contraire! I think you win the little bike blog renovator’s award. Coke and steel wool is a trick worth learning, but the hand made basket: that’s genius. You got style girl!

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