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Lost and lonely in Carlton

January 15, 2011

Where is everybody? Is there a small wheeled bike convention out of town that I don’t know about?

Honestly, apart from this battered up bike with the charming home made-looking decal, that is often parked outside Shag in  Brunswick Street, (but which I have been too shamed to blog because:  a. I don’t really have a good shot of it and b. I left a card on it about 100 years ago and didn’t follow through), apart from that (this sentence is getting longer and longer so I thought I might remind you where it started) I have only seen one little bike in the last month: it went flying past my flat at dusk yesterday with only time for me to call out some inane compliment (‘Hey nice bike’) before it disappeared from our bike-loving lives forever.

What to do? The blog is in danger of going stale…if it’s not there already! I will have to whip out an old shot of a very sad looking bike I snapped in Carlton some months ago. It was clearly once loved – (note the detailing on the basket) but has since been abandoned (it was there for weeks – might still be there, who can say?)

I am quite fond of this kind of hybrid: a small wheeled shopper that has been converted into a pseudo dragster…(note the banana seat and sissy bar.) I recall my brief love affair with dragstars late last century  (I love saying that) included a similar conversion…my girlfriend found a shopper with high-rise handle bars, so we excitedly trooped off to a low-rider shop and bought a red banana seat for a very good price. Then we realised we had to buy the  sissy bar as well, which was as much as the seat, and suddenly our humble little hobby turned into an expensive folly.

By the way, did anyone notice my excessive use of brackets in this post?

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