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Two sides of the same coin

December 21, 2010

What’s great about the little bike world is the extremes. Not extreme in the extreme sport meaning of the word (though riding my steel-rim wheeled Gitane in the rain could be classified as an extreme sport…no brakes!) but rather extremes of condition. They range from binged up work horses (see Brothers in Rust) to mint condition prized possessions (as per my last post). But don’t take my word for it – have a look at these two: spotted in the same week.

Actually this is one is both binged up and a prized possesion. It belongs Jimmy the bike man (see Ici Bike) who, as far as I can tell, restores and/or rebuilds retro bikes. You can’t see it here but this excellent speciman, a folding Malvern Star, is quite worse for wear, in the duco department anyway. I asked him if he was going to fix it up, but he says he likes it as it is.

This on the other hand is either a lovingly restored or a perfectly preserved Peugeot folder, on sale in one of those excellent Smith Street second-hand joints for a very handsome sum.

And I dig them both!

(I don’t want to show any favouritism but I was able to get more shots of the Peugeot, so please indulge me as I pause to point out the delicate curve of the rear fork…

…and here’s a side view, just incase you haven’t seen enough Peugot shots on this blog…)

(PS. Jimmy if you are reading this, apologies for not making the 48 hour deadline as promised on my calling card. What can I say? SLACK)

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