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raleigh roamer

December 16, 2010

Oh joy oh joy! A sparkly little bike at last! 

Apart from the new neighbours – who have now moved on – I had only been spotting sad and sorry little bikes lately. Not that there’s anything wrong with a binged up bike, but they don’t make one’s heart skip a beat like a shiny, shiny mudguard can do.

What detail! What design! What could make me happier? (ok an end to poverty, violence, hunger and exploitation would be nice, possibly a bit more pro-activity on dealing with climate change from the government would make me happy too…I could go on, but you get my drift…)

Raleigh Roamer shopper bike


It’s called a Raleigh Roamer, and it’s the first I’ve seen. I spotted it this morning in Johnson Street, then later this afternoon it sailed past my flat with a person riding it. I happened to be out on the balcony at the time so even managed to call out a compliment! (Deranged? Possibly. But the rider did turn back with a pleased smile, so you know, share the love I say.)



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  1. ange b permalink

    mmmmmm nice seat

  2. Awang alias permalink

    This is what i rode in 1976……in malaysia

  3. Rebecca permalink

    I just came across one. Do you know when these were made?


  4. Actually Rebecca, was doing a bit of roaming around the blog and noticed a comment that Raleighs are English, often made in Nottingham I think he said. Hope that helps.

    • Wan permalink

      Raleigh setted up few manufacturing and assembly factories across the world. some are still in existence, some are not. this model I suppose is the one of those which are made in outside UK.

  5. Wan permalink

    I have this bike. Its called Raleigh Roamer. It was designed for a lady biker. I don’t know how to post my bike picture here but anyway, it a whole lot of experience. cheers.

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