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Girl on a red bike

November 7, 2010

Who is the girl on a red bike? I see another version of her nearly every day. In fact she has become my lucky charm; the day is complete if I spy a woman on a red, girl’s bike (retro of course). My favourite is the woman who looks to be in her late  60s who occasionally rides down my street. I wonder if she still feels like a girl when she rides that red bike.

In homage to the girl on the red bike I present a collection of little red bikes that I have snapped over the last year, the latest being this ever so shiny Graecross, charmingly named Courtney, spotted on Gertrude St last Thursday.



Gertrude St 'Courtney' Graecross

Langridge Street

Brunswick St Red Toyosha

Moore Street (Big Red)

Piedemontes Red (blurry but sweet)


Smith Street Sturdy (not really small wheeled wheel is smaller...)

St Georges Road Laurencia

Brunswick St (another Graecross?) Could do with a new seat.

Brunswick St (looks more brown here but I promise it was red, if a bit faded)

Lygon St trike

Fitzroy Pool Lawrencia - a late addition (spotted and blogged Jan 16, 2010)

  1. Naz permalink

    Hey there

    Thanks for taking some lovely snaps of my girl Courtney! She is a beauty isnt she?!! I found her at Fitzroy market actually early on in the year, she was a total bargain and I love her!
    Awesome to see her on your site, thanks for leaving a little note 🙂

    So I was a little confused by the article – have you seen me riding her every day or other girls on retro red bikes on a daily basis?

    Cheers and keep up the fab work!
    Have a lovely day
    Naz x

    • I have seen a girl on a red bike every day, maybe it was you (though I think I would remember that gorgeous bike so maybe not) or maybe it is a different woman each time. There are so many of you vintage red bike riders out there. Fabulous aint it?

  2. andrew permalink

    hey the smith st sturdy ,,is that a former aus post delivery bike ? looks it ,,by the frame

    • Indeed it is an ex-posty bike, well spotted. I only found this out courtesy of a comment on the post. Not really small wheeled, but smallish front wheel, so I let it slip in.
      Thanks for the link to the Gemini, looks like a little bit of everything. Cute.

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