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October 26, 2010

Five bikes? I hear you say. Where are the other three that you shot in that golden hour on a sunny Fitzroy Sunday? Well I am glad you asked  – I know I am drip feeding, but there is so much to get through.

A quick errand up Brunswick Street turned into a Little Bike Epic: first  I discovered a little bike brand I had never seen: a Toyosha,

which left me a little breathless to say the least, then  there was the Madison-loves-Graecross episode, which necessitated  me dashing home to get calling-cards to leave on them,  as I had unwittingly come out without any. Then later, when taking a relaxing late-afternoon ride around the neighbourhood, I passed through Edinburgh Gardens, which was heaving with the young, groovy and two-wheeled. I tried to blend in by keeping the setting sun between me and the crowd, thereby disguising myself as  a silhouette of a person of indeterminate age or grooviness riding a gorgeous retro two-wheeler,

but I blew my cover because I had to stop and ask two of the  young and the groovy if I could photograph their bikes, one of which was another brand unknown to me: Eska. Blow me down with a feather  –  always something new to discover, even on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Hoorah for that.

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