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Fore and Aft – Graecross and Madison Part 2

October 24, 2010

Another sunny springy Sunday in Fitzroy: so many bikes, so little time.

I snapped no less than 5 little bikes in an hour today, and what’s more, I made some discoveries. Not life changing, but interesting none the less. Here’s what I learnt:

1. There is no such brand as Grace Cross – it’s Greacross. How could I get that wrong for so long?

2. There seems to be a proliferation of small, white Graecrosses in the inner north – are they breeding? (Here’s one I snapped in Johnston Street today, same model but not the same bike as my last post.)

3.Graecross and Madison bikes seem to have a strange synergy – if you see one, there is no doubt the other won’t be far away. Cases in point: the pair that cohabited in my street (eyes left), though the Madison has since moved out, and the lovingly detailed Madison I spotted today just minutes and metres from the white Graecross. 

(Here’s a thought, maybe this is the same Madison that moved out of the co-habiting situation, just spruced up with a rose and a new carrier bag. Maybe it’s a serial monogamist, bouncing from one Graecross to the next?)

Oh dear, I have started to anthropomorphise the bikes, and worse am casting them mini soap-operas…

and I haven’t even got to the other Very Interesting Bike Facts, such as,did you know that these little Graecrosses have a head stem lock? FASCINATING! I hope you are taking notes, there may be a test afterwards.

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