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Is this art?

October 23, 2010

Hmm, could I pass off an under exposed photo of a gold Repco on Brunswick St, complete with blurry flash of a car light, as an artily constructed photo?  Maybe not – but I left the calling card and this is the best work my phone could do, so post and be damned I say.

Speaking of art, I was on the way to see some real art – an astonishing and brilliant video-thingamy-bob by Bill Viola …(I just slipped that in to assure you dear reader that I really am a Whole and Cultured Individual, not just an Obsessive Bike Stalker)…

when I spotted a dear little Grace Cross somewhere in Carlton. Resplendent with a hard working basket .

But do you think my friends paused while I snapped away? Indeed they did not, and after slavishly fulfullling my mission to document all small wheeled retro bikes within a five kilometre radius of my home I had to RUN (read: undignified shuffle) to catch up to them. The things I do.

That Repco rider must have had a big night – it was in the very same spot Sunday afternoon ( the original  pic was taken on Friday night). Here it is in a non-arty incarnation:

Oh actually, the helmet is on the other side, so maybe it’s just this rider’s lucky parking spot, not a big night after all.

Here’s a bit of the excellent 70s Repco branding just for the hell of it:

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