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Woman rescues folding Peugoet from hard rubbish

October 22, 2010

What is it about a Peugeot folder that makes me all goose bumpy, like I have found the holy grail?

They are not as stylish as the Raliegh Twenty Stowaway (eyes right):

Nor, in my humble opinion, are they as handsome as their French cousins, the folding Gitane, (here’s one I was riding earlier today):

And yet , like all vintage Peugeots, they have that certain je ne sais quoi (is that how you spell it?). So I was very happy when my Number One Little Bike Scout  sent me this snap of a near mint-condition Peugeot she spotted in the city, (I am particularly impressed that both front and rear elastic luggage straps seem to be original, intact and still stretchy.)

And I was chuffed again the very next day, which started out as a sparkling spring morning just perfect for a swim, when I came  across this little blue beauty waiting patiently outside the Fitzroy Pool.

Note the safety features:

1. Bell with what looks like the Peugeot lion stamped on it:

2. Very fetching built-in dynamo lights (rear view only):

3. Suspiciously non-standard- looking reflectors.

( The sticky tape gives it away):

I later met the rider who told me she found the bike in hard rubbish in Camberwell (I am shocked – what more can I say), and that her parents did the safety customising, (bless).

I decided to do some ‘research’ (euphemism for googling) on the Peugeot folding bike, but didn’t come up with much except that they were used by the French army. Is that a useful thing to know I wonder, has that factoid replaced something other tid-bit of information in my brain, like the periodic table symbol for copper for example? These are the questions that keep me awake at night.

  1. Jon permalink

    Isn’t she beautiful? I’m not sure how the white Peugeot came into my family – we were surely not the original owners. Now it’s been passed on to my partner. It’s (so far as I know) all original, and all in good condition, except that the bell has broken off and been lost.

  2. Oh sigh – how happy I am to hear you call your little bike beautiful. What a joy for you to ride it every day. Thanks for popping into this little bike loving world and filling us in.

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