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Mr Cool and Madame Sturdy

October 17, 2010

Sunday 11:30am
I am shuffling home from getting a take-away coffee wearing Very Bad Tracksuit Pants, complete with baggy knees, when these two golden people sail past me, helmetless of course, on their white retro bikes; hers a lady’s cruiser, his a folder. “What kind of bike is that?” I call out enthusiastically, thinking he might be happy to stop and share the love. “A cool one” is his swift response as he glides past. Hmmmm, must have been the trackie dacs.

Sunday 5:45pm
Strollling home from a friend’s, not a kilometre away from the site of the Tracksuit Pants Incident, I spy the very same bikes (I am 99% sure) locked together in a loving embrace outside the Union Club Hotel. Gotchya!

As for what type of bike it is, who can tell? It seems to be called “N”.

Sunday 5:55pm

It must be my lucky bike spotting day.

Here is some kind of home-made solid work-horse, complete with payload rating on the carrier. On reflection, the back wheel looks like it is straying into Florence territory, but the front one appears to just slip under the 24 inch bar.

Here’s some details:

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  1. Jesse Hill permalink

    Chawin’ on tapas at Bebida, I did happen, in fact, witness you checking out my bicycle from across the street. At first sight, considering your outfit, I was sceptical – almost worried – that you were a thief (comment validated by your above self-description i hope).

    However, thanks to your thorough inspection, obvious appreciation and now the resulting photos, I am convinced otherwise.

    Thankyou for posting and appreciating my post bike; much needed love after one too many excessively casual owners.

    • but I wasn’t even wearing the bad trackies by then! I wonder which part of the outfit made me look thiefy. Sorry to give you a start – it would be devastating to have such a cool bike stolen.

      How does one even get hold of an old postie bike? (not that I need another bike)

  2. Scotta Roll permalink

    Red one is an ex-australlia post bike sans the front carrier.

    • Of course! Thanks for the info. How did you get hold of that I wonder?

      • oh I see, Scotta Roll is not in fact the owner, just a fellow bike nerd (I mean that in the nicest possible way … I was going to say connisseur but as you can see I can’t spell it and I am too lazy to go to the other side of the room to check it in the dictionary).

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