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Uber Handi Astro Max Hanimex

October 4, 2010

I have recruited a new little bike  scout and I think he has the bug; he sent me this pic, complete with commentary, just minutes after I put him on the case.

But wait, there’s more! He confessed to me today that he almost found himself chasing down a woman on a little purple bike to ask if he could take her photo until he realised that it was a bit too weird… (welcome to my world).

Here is his unique take on this sweet little Hanimex:

Hanimex Metro,  or as I have dubbed her/it/him the “Uber Handi Astro Max” See reasoning you can’t argeskue with below.

Points o highlights:

  • Quantum mechanics, string theory, astral modelling spoke baubles
  • This must be the touring model as it has a rack AND basket
  • Off road rubber for maximum versatility
  • Deutschland + 1 logos, clearly this is the Euro edition.

The Uber Handi Astro Max is a regular on Bridge Road outside the post office, probably picking up some imported pickled Pork n Cabbage from the homeland. I can hear Oomph Pah music just looking at this gem. Lederhosen to the Max.

Not sure if argeskue is a typo or a kooky bike- blogging word that has passed me by (he is a self-confessed bike blog nurd), but no matter, I like his turn of phrase. I better look out or I’ll be out of a job.

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