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Malvern Star Mash Up

September 26, 2010

Back in the eighth decade of last century, when I was somewhere between four foot and five foot tall, the ultimate bike was a Malvern Star; it was practically a synonym for bike . At the time I only had eyes for a 26 inch wheel red girl’s Malvern Star, but looks like they were also busy making small wheeled bikes.

Here is a Family Star spotted on Brunswick Street this week.

And below please feast your eyes on a very shiny yellow little Mavern Star, recent purchase of Russ, who I accosted in the street today.

Once he twigged to my obsession Russ was proud to point out the original bell
(also very shiny)…

And I couldn’t resist documenting his impeccable cycling styling: setting off the yellow of the bike with his red boots…

But wait, there’s more.

I recommend you have a look at the Malvern Star tab, there is a beeeeyoodiful example, blue with white trim, complete with white trim on the tyres. But before you do, I am about to stray outside the little bike blog brief to include a Malvern Star dragstar in mint condition, snapped for me by my vigilant little-bike scout in on a recent trip to Bris Vegas. Not quite in the hood, not found on the street, not quite in the style of bike I am blogging, but totally irresistable.


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  1. I had a malvern star with a floral banana seat…. and it lived for years 😉

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