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Smith St hybrid and brothers in rust

September 14, 2010

One third dragstar, two thirds Grace Cross (I think). This was parked in Smith Street today.

But that’s not all, I then spotted a couple of hard working little chaps outside RMIT that I’d seen and snapped before, but this time they were TOGETHER. (bless)

I do believe the Madison (blue bike)  handlebars also had another life…

  1. Lan permalink

    Hey 🙂 thanks, really great pic of my bike (the white combination on Smith St) I’m extremely proud of it as I made it from near scratch at CERES recently! Loving the picture kudos… much apprec.
    – Lan.

  2. Kit permalink


    The blue Madison is mine… (as for rust – you should’ve seen it when I got it!)
    I bought her off a gent on eBay. Apparently she was found on someone’s hard rubbish.
    She’s a single-speed, pedal-brake little thing. I had never ridden with coaster-brakes, so until I got used to ’em… I cannibalised an old racing bike brake I found and (a la Frankenstein) attached it in the only way possible for use on the curved handlebars.
    note* I use what would have been the straight-positioned brake-levers, (not the curved lever sticking out the top like some weird animal-horn). Though I really should take it off now that I don’t use it 😉

    Actually… I’m going to do it now.


    ps: your green bike is lovely.

    • Thanks for the provenance Kit. Smart idea to attach an interim hand brake; probably saved some shoe soul (or is that sole?) rubber.

      And yes, (sigh of happiness), my green bike is indeed lovely. Got it at an op shop in Doncaster for $25. What a find! (Spent more on the lock! )

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