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August 22, 2010

Nearly a whole week went by without one spotting, I was almost forced to dig into the archive when… SAVED by this lovingly hand painted little bike, complete with spanking new reflectors. AAAAAH

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  1. Sam permalink

    This was a little gift to my little lady, Ketura.
    It was part of her Christmas prezzie a year ago.
    It had been sitting in the family shed for as long as i could remember.
    Apparently, it was my aunts when she was a but a tiny lass.
    Glad you enjoyed it enough to take a happy snap 🙂

    p.s good to see it was locked up

    • Yay! My first little bike provenance comment – thanks. Hope your Aunt is happy about its new lease of life. I often wonder where all my old bikes ended up…

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