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Pink Repco

July 27, 2010

When I first started snapping little bikes it was only of the stationary, riderless variety. This is not to say that there weren’t numerous occasions when I was tempted to  chase after one zooming  past me, (usually being ridden by a funky young woman in a skirt and boots sporting a lot of fringe  and heavy framed glasses) to ask if I could  photograph it. But it always seemed a bit stalkerish, especially since the blog was only a figment of my imagination.

But today, with the blog now a virtual reality, I threw caution to the wind. The minute  I saw the flash of pink frame wheeling away from me I started trotting after it shouting ‘excuse me’  until the rider stopped – no shame me.

Thank you to this lovely repco rider for indulging me. I hope you eventually find the right sized white wall tires, and get the right sized thighs to turn those pedals. (They look good these bikes, but the secret is they are hard work).

This bike has a beautiful detail on the handle bars…

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  1. Judy Hollander permalink

    I have the same bike but i have found that it sits in my shed and i hardly use it so i am looking to sell it. It’s Repco but that about as much as i know about it. I was wondering if you knew much about your bicycle…year? style? And how much bikes like this are selling for thesedays

    If you could help me that would be great.

    • Judy I wish I could help but I more an admirer than a collector. I think prices really vary depending on where you sell them, e.g a folding Peugout in mint condition can sell at a swish retro shop for $300, an average one can sell on ebay for $50. I don’t think the Repcos are as collectable as Peugots, but I don’t know what makes me think that. So you see no help. (The bike in the picture isn’t mine by the way). I did hear of a New Zealand company that imports abandoned 1970s shoppers from Japan and resells them, if you tried to find them on line you might get an idea…

      or better still, saddle up the little darling and take it for a spin!

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