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Who is Little Bike Blog?

May 27, 2010

Ever since I became the proud owner of a lime green 1970s Gitane folding bike (not pictured) I started noticing retro folding bikes, or cute little bikes that look like you could fold them if you tried hard enough, all over my little inner city suburb of Fitzroy. Starting with 3 in my street.

So I started snapping them on my phone. What to do? Blog them? Why? I am not sure?

I think I am secretly hoping that I will find out more about the bikes. If you know anything, or you see your bike…tell me more.


Little Bike Blog is now about 8 months old. I leave a calling card on the bikes I photograph and  I have about a 30% success rate of the owners logging in and writing a comment on the posts of their bikes. I am tickled pink when they do.

I am now inviting readers to send me pictures of little bikes that they own or they see out and about . The brief, as you may have  noticed, is very niche: we are talking 60s – 80s shoppers, small frame, small wheels.I generally don’t post dragsters or low riders; they have been loved to bits on other sites I am sure. Though I do indulge a hybrid such as a shopper with a dragster handles or seat. And of course, if they are folders,I am in heaven.

If you have a little bike image you want to share send me a message using this contact form  

and let me know what you would like to post . I will email you directly so you can send me back your photo, and if it fits the brief, I will post it. ( I know that’s a bit clunky but it keeps the spammers at bay).

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